Inspektor (m/w) NDT

Juni 2018

Januar 2019

D-Großraum Krefeld | D-Großraum Barby (Elbe) | D-Großraum Hamburg

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 Resident inspectors, able to roll out the program in one site
 Definition of the methodology and action plan (with support if needed)
 Creation and execution of inspection plans
 Supervision of NDT
 Inspection reporting, including maintenance recommendations
 Missions ≥6 months,
 Need to be 100% autonomous, as sites are not skilled enough to drive
 Initial training, technical & operational supervision


 API inspectors (API510 preferred)
 Several years of work experience in NDT
 Knowledge of local regulation
 English + local language
 The same inspector may cover one site after the other, to leverage experience
 Close smaller sites would be covered in parallel by one inspector


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