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Archiviertes Projekt - Legal and Compliance IT Trainer

November 2018

Januar 2019

CH-Großraum Zürich

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A Swiss insurance Company is looking for a legal and compliance IT trainer.

Start Date: asap
End Date: 31.01.2019
Workplace: Zurich
Workload: 100%
Reference Number: 68


In this project you train the team in matters of compliance, Data protection Law and practical application experience.
You coach them to have gain experience of working in the IT field somehow.


For this position you bring experience as a trainer.
You have to have an understanding of IP, Competition law, Finma requirements, outsourcing, Information Security related matters, Access Management concepts and other legal & regulatory matters.
You are able to translate this into internal requirements, do assessments for their use cases and know when to reach out to the SME's & Sourcing for further support.
You have policy experience and of working in a larger company with multiple stakeholders.

Soft Skills:

You have a high social competence level.
You are willing to travel to Bratislava


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