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Archiviertes Projekt - Shopware 5x Plugin Gutscheine für Kunden online kaufbar und einlösbar mit Restwert

Januar 2019

Februar 2019

D-69221 Großraum Dossenheim | D-68229 Großraum Mannheim

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Die Beschreibung ist in englisch. Die Kommunikation kann aber in deutsch erfolgen.
Das Projekt wird aus Deutschland heraus betreut.

generell sind wir an einer längerfristigen Zusammenarbeit interessiert. Wir benötigen ca 1-3 Plugin pro Monat

Shopware 5x Plugin Budget create/develop a Shopware 5x Plugin to provide Vouchers to customers

The main idea is that individuals or company buyers can buy vouchers and use them as a bonus or gifts for friend, clients, coworkers.
So we need to create them online and present them via pdf file right away.
If customers use the vouchers to get items there should be the option of get more and pay for the rest or use your voucher for alle positions incl VAT and shipping.
The voucher can have a left over amount /residual value on can be used several times on several orders

Customers must be able to buy coupons

• Setting possibility whether the function Buy coupons is active
• Current workflow of the plugin "gift vouchers"

• A normal article will be created and a check mark will set it as a voucher
• The coupon is assigned or a new one created in a dropdown box

• This field will generate a coupon template for the normal coupons

• A PDF theme can be created.

• You should be able to define this via the settings, if the customer only receives a code by e-mail or a PDF with a voucher
• The PDF theme must be editable. Best how up-to-date about the Shopware standard function "PDF document creation"

Several vouchers must be redeemable.

• The best way to set whether percent and absolute values can be combined or only several absolute values can be redeemed
• Setting possibility, whether the function several vouchers active, or not

Voucher value must always be deducted from the final gross amount (regardless of whether B2B or B2C)

Compatible with payment methods - means 0 Euro for the amount -> no errors are allowed to happen - preferably a separate payment method "Voucher" (even if not active?)

• Setting possibility, whether the function payment types is active

Vouchers must allow residual values

• Important! If the customer redeems multiple vouchers, then only one voucher may retain a residual value.


• If one has maintained shipping costs with "from X Euro", Shopware gets mixed up here, because actually the full value without coupons would have to be taken for the shipping costs.
• The plugin link describes the problem quite well (last link) - Do you know the problem: The customer redeems a coupon, slips back below the shipping cost limit and have to pay the shipping cost again. Result: customer is angry!

At the Backend we should see several information’s

- List all Vouchers with original amount and used amount, date of creation and good until date
- List order and redemption dates in separate columns
- Buyer and redeemer both represent

There should be information’s in the checkout process about the current rest value of the voucher or an option where I can add a voucher code and look up the available amount

the Plugin have to be multilingual, so we need a dictionary option/ all messages etc must be in the Shopware dictionary

The Plugin must be without any coding that we can adjust and expand the plugin if necessary. All right have to be sold on the programming

Here are two voucher plugins already available that might show some ides how to proceed


Should be done in approx. 2 -4 weeks


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