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Implementation Outlook Anywhere via 2-factor-authentication

Users can connect from home, without a VPN using the Outlook client that is installed on the customer's issued laptop. Only requirement is that there is a valid certificate installed that validates the authenticity and rights to connect to Exchange Server 2016.

Current Mode of Operation: Currently Office anywhere is enabled in the Exchange 2016 environment that is deployed and configured at the customer's but the requirement is still a VPN connection from the user notebook (even with certificate).

Future Mode of Operation: The client will have a valid SSL certificate installed on the laptop so what needs to be configured is IPSec which will allow the user to connect to the Exchange 2016 Server without a VPN but only with Outlook Anywhere enabled. Currently the challenge is that Outlook Anywhere is enabled but IPSec is not configured which will allow a secure access to exchange server. This needs to be done.

Umzusetzende Leistungen:
Proposal: Have a resource on site and assigned a customer's laptop with email account etc. setup and configured. The resource will make the changes to the Exchange Server i.e. enable IP Sec and test to ensure that the user can access the email server. The resource will have the rights (administrative) to make access and make changes to the email server. The resource will then document the exchange landscape and ensure that the documents currently in operations is valid and updated with the latest information.


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