Computer Linguist (m/w)

Dezember 2019

März 2020

D-Großraum Frankfurt

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Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

für unseren Mandant suchen wir aktuell einen Computer Linguist (m/w) für die Umsetzung eines Projekts im Großraum Frankfurt.

Rolle: Computer Linguist (m/w)
• Applied Computational Linguistics
o applied linguistics: induction, acquisition and formal representation of linguistic resources
o natural language understanding
o language recognition and speech synthesis
o acoustic phonetics
o information extraction, information retrieval
o formal syntax (German), formale semantic (German)
• Basic knowledge in the field of Data Science / Computer Science / Machine Learning
• Practical experience with at least one NLU product.
• Python programming skills (proficiency level: 'proficient / excellent', 'expert' level not required)

Nice to have:
• Practical experience with various NLU engines:
o Nuance MIX
o IBM Watson
o Amazon Lex
o ...
• Automata theory, graph theory
• Inference methods
o Attempt to incorporate logical inference within natural language understanding.
• Linguistic representations
• Linguistic theories of grammar
• Formal languages and grammars
• Statistical language processing
• Algorithmic language-processing methods
• Cognitive linguistics
o Study of how language interacts with cognition, how language forms our thoughts, and the evolution of language parallel with the change in the common mindset across time
• Contrastive linguistics
o Systematic study of a pair of languages with a view to identifying their structural differences and similarities)
• Corpus linguistics
o Systematic study of language as expressed in corpora (bodies) of 'real world' text. The text-corpus method is a digestive approach that derives a set of abstract rules that govern a natural language from texts in that language, and explores how that language relates to other languages.
• Special topics in formal syntax, semantics, discourse and dialogue semantics, pragmatics, morphology and phonology

Education and Experience
• Bachelor of master degree in the area of 'Computational Lingustic' or other related fields (e.g. 'Computer Science')

Start: asap
Dauer: bis Ende Q1 2020 mit Option auf Verlängerung
Intensität: Vollzeit, 4 Tage/Woche vor Ort
Location: Großraum Frankfurt am Main

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