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März 2020

Mai 2020

CH-Großraum St. Gallen

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Start: Asap / 01. March
Duration: 3 Months
Capacity: 100% with a 40% Home Office possibility
Location: St. Gallen, Switzerland
Contact: For this project a service agreement via your company as well as payroll is possible

Task Description:

• Complete Design History Files of an existing product (class II)
• Trace the lifecycle of the product
• Track all important steps from the past to fill the gaps of the documentation
o Design in- and output
o Design review
o Design validation and verification
o Design transfer


Experience with:
• Retrospective Engineering of a product that has already been developed
• Requirements Engineering
• Validation und verification requirements
• Technical documentation
• Design control according to FDA requirements

• Pragmatic way of working
• To know what it takes to pass an audit
• Fluent English skills


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