Experte Performance-Optimierung und Monitoring Datacenter Migration (m/f/d)

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Februar 2020

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The service is requested as part of the Matrix project. As Part of the SAP stream, external consulting is required to derive heterogeneous and homogeneous SAP system migrations. As part of the migrations, the system performance should be optimized upfront and after the migration to contribute stable operations of the migrated systems.

The scope of services includes the following tasks:

Execute system parameter checks of all relevant components (OS, DB, application layer) before and after the migrations
Identification of hardware bottlenecks (CPU, Memory, SAN and Network Latency and throughput) and create sizing recommendations
Create reports to document system performance before and after the migration.
Analyse SQL shared cursor caches, identify missing indexes and create new ones. Drop not required indexes. Trigger table and index reorganizations.
Solve performance related incidents reported by test users and/or end users during hyper care phase;
Consult application developers to build or redesign SQL statements to reduce the number of logical and physical reads.

Please send us your CV in English including current project list!


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