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März 2020

Dezember 2020


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Start: 16.03.2020
Dauer: 31.12.2020


* Acting as solution architect in projects or structured activities implementing solutions following the customers reference architectures set forth by the enterprise architecture department.
* Performing small scale proof of concepts in structured activities
* Support existing product teams
* Possibly guiding and coaching the development teams to implement the solution architecture and design
* Contribute to the assessment of request for change (small evolutive maintenance)
* Providing 2nd/3rd level support for solving application related issues
* Maintain domain level artefacts such as system landscape, relevant data models
* Participating in other activities of solution architecture when required

Requirements (Must have):

* More than 6 year experience as solution architect/lead developer with a proven track record
* Experience with (micro) service-oriented architecture implemented through containers running on a Kubernetes platform
* Deep knowledge of Java technology and experience of building scalable HA solutions based on JVM languages
* Experience with Linux
* Experience in implementation of RESTful services
* Experience working in a multi-sourcing environment
* Knowledge of and experience with (distributed) source code management approaches, build and deployment techniques, including containerization technologies
* Knowledge of and experience with automated test suites for said technology stacks
Specifically for the search area the following qualifications are expected:

* Proven experience in creating solutions implementing Lucene-based search engines for the indexing of large corpora of multilingual texts (Elasticsearch, SOLR)

* Experience optimizing search indexes for multiple users leveraging embedded authorization mechanisms
* Experience with the implementation of Graph (e.g. Neo4J) and NOSQL (e.g. MongoDb) databases
* Experience with (micro) service-oriented architecture implemented through containers running on a Kubernetes platform
Experience with creating extensions and plug-ins for Elasticsearch
Experience with JavaScript and web-development technologies like React, MobX
Experience with Enrichment and Knowledge Base Management
Specifically for the classification area the following qualifications are expected:
Deep knowledge of classification schemes and the management thereof
Knowledge and experience in automated pre-classification

Start: 03 .2020
Dauer: 12 .2020


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