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Für ein Projekt unseres Kunden suchen wir Ihre Expertise im o.g. Bereich und für nachfolgende Aufgaben:
Build robust and competitive tender cost commitment
Manage product sourcing reference library to fit with market prices
1. On Products managed by reference library:
• Regularly extract ERP data to assess most recent Product competitiveness from current Project(s). Assess current measured performance vs previous formal Ref Lib review.
• Ensure (or organize / lead) PAR meetings are conducted on the Projects using the Products he is in charge.
• Manage Idea Generation Meetings (IGM), ensure suppliers suggestions are brought by Buyers, ensure the link with the DTC team for regular cost challenge,
• Manage PAR meetings of the Products he is in charge of and ensure decisions are made leading to the yearly targets (Y1/Y2/Y3).
• Challenge Platform requirements where and when relevant,
• Propose topics eligible for sustaining funding and monitor the budget on a monthly basis
• Ensure implementation of actions, identifies risk and mitigation plans
• Maintain the relevant (project management type) progress dashboard and ASIP performance synthesis.
2 - On Products not managed by reference Library:
• By anticipation to key tenders, lead pre-tendering activities, build a Product Reference Cost in extracting data from the ERP, update the costs in the relevant economic baseline
• Lead actions to robustify the Product Reference Cost
3. On Products in R&D development or directly issued from the R&D development:
• Deploy/apply the Product sourcing strategy (aiming at securing the future proper Product life sustaining management) as defined with the Platform Sourcing Director -Build the costing based on previous references
• In parallel to the PrSM mastering the Costs of his Project, the TSM masters the Costs of the Product
4. On Tenders
• For tenders based on Ref libs:
o Ensure requirements (by gap vs. RL) are provided to Sub-systems engineers / Sourcing Domains
o Challenge tender requirements when relevant (promote standardization or optimum technology)
o Consolidate the sourcing commitment in tender phase and the preliminary supplier list
o Propose ambitions based on Reference Library improvement plans
o Manage the commitment construction with the sourcing community
o Lead competitiveness reviews involving the management
o Build the costing based on the formal TSP tool (to be used to build the whole sourcing commitment)
o Manage the Sourcing Alignment Review (SAR)
o Present the costing for validation during the Tender sourcing validation meeting
o Lead commitment review based on the Sourcing commitment sheet.
• For tenders built on full new Products:
o Define the tender sourcing strategy
o Build an early costing based on previous Projects, proven costing models, experience (“should cost”),
o Robustify the costing based on commodity managers/buyers commitments,
o Assess, jointly with the tender team, the opportunity and risk related to early agreements with suppliers, taking into REX of similar experiences
o Commit on the sourcing costing in tender phase and the preliminary supplier list
• For tenders requesting sourcing localization in specific Countries:
o Lead the data collection from the local Supplier network, ensure a full overview of the supplier capability network,
o Ensure the mastering of the local supplier costs (based on cost from existing designs) with the support from central and local sourcing network
5. Related KPIs - RL cost reduction progress - Tender saving Ratio

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