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März 2021

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Working for a big Medical Device company In Switzerland - Looking for a; Verification and Validation Specialist

Job Title: Verification and Validation Specialist


* As a Verification & Validation Specialist, you are responsible for checking the specifications of the clients sensor products in Product Development Process Analytics.
* You will develop the V&V test plans, which include questions from chemistry, physics, microbiology, mechanics, electronics, software and application.
* You think about how the exams should be designed and what equipment you need.
* You can also carry out the tests yourself or with the support of your teammates in good time
* Finally, you evaluate the results of the tests, document them and create an understandable and robust decision-making basis for management.You can also analyze the problem and the cause of quality problems in production or at our customers ' sites.


* You are an ideal fit for the team if you have a degree (FH / UNI / ETH) in the natural sciences (chemistry, physics, ...) or closely related fields.
* Have experince working in the Life-Sceince Industry
* In addition to the planning and documentary work, you enjoy the precise work in the laboratory and are not afraid of various technical challenges.
* Basic knowledge of programming with Python or Matlab is an advantage.
* You are interested in interdisciplinary issues and work pragmatically and solution-oriented.
* You bring analytical and conceptual thinking, skill and creativity to the table, even in experimental work.
* Good spoken and written knowledge of German and English is required for this function


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