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Archiviertes Projekt - E-Learning Course Author “Overview of SAP standard platform security features”

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  • Mai 2021
  • September 2021
  • D-69115 Heidelberg
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  • 08.04.2021


eLearning Course Author “Overview of SAP standard platform security features”

About Us:
Here at [...], we know that people should come before processes and technology, which is especially true for cybersecurity. There are many SAP security solutions in the market, but we believe in integrating cybersecurity into a company’s culture. We do this by educating the teams and changing processes and technology to fit them, not the other way around.
For this reason, we created a special model for eLearning’s and Virtual Classroom trainings. Our [...] Security Matrix, which combines the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and our own SAP security focus model (IPAC). Our courses are designed to be high involvement to keep learning interactive and interesting while improving knowledge retention with a mix of videos, mini-quizzes, and games to keep learning interesting.

Learning Forms:
Virtual Classroom Training
Everyone learns differently, which is why we also offer virtual classroom trainings. Our trainings apply the same concept from our courses – each training has distinct learning goals designed for specific roles. With our virtual classroom, the learner gets all the benefits of on-site training, such as being able to interact with you and the fellow classmates in smaller break-out sessions.

eLearning On Demand
Our one-hour courses are designed with videos, interactive games, and occasional quizzes to make learning interactive. Each course falls within a distinct cross-section within the [...] Security Matrix, so the learner knows what the course is about at a glance. Whether he or she is on a train, in the office, or in between pitches at an event, they can use the time to learn about SAP security.

Subject of the project:
• Creation of English eLearning course content in the area of SAP Cyber Security and implementation of the respective virtual classroom training collateral of a course titled with "Overview of SAP standard platform security features" covering the security features of an SAP S/4HANA on-premise system of version 1909 and newer which are available without additional, software solutions, or licensing from SAP or other 3rd-party vendors.

Type of contract:

• Cybersecurity expert with an SAP technology background
• Security, or SAP Certifications like CISSP, CCNA/CCNP Security, CISA, CISM, GCFA, GCIH, GCIA, GNFA, GREM, GCCC, or Security+, SAP certifications P_ADM_SEC, T_SEC_ADM, or similar are an asset
• Relevant experience in an information (security) technology or information (security) architecture role with SAP technology
• Excellent communication and presentation skills
• If applicable, already experience in training people

Scope of service:
Creation of 60-to-90-minute training time range eLearning courses and respective virtual classroom collateral with the title "Overview of SAP standard platform security features".
The training should support an overview of the standard functionality for identifying flaws, implement protection, provide event sources to detect security events, utilities to respond to attacks, and make recovery.

Learning objectives to enable:
• Knowledge about the functional security capabilities of the SAP S/4HANA standard
• Knowledge about constraints and limitations of the standard security capabilities
• Ability to determine which standard security feature is capable to support a CIA-triad protection class

Learner target groups
(according to [...] work roles [...])
• Secure Software Assessor - SP-DEV-002
• Security Architect - SP-ARC-002
• Information Systems Security Developer - SP-SYS-001
• Cyber Defense Analyst - PR-CDA-001

Provisions by the client:
• Access to a Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote presentation template
• Access to a eLearn.JS markdown template
• Access to an excel template for creating teleprompter scripts and lab exercises
• Access to a file synchronization and version management solution
• Access to a content production guide

Production process

The contractor maintains the status of the production in an online project tracing sheet provided by the client consisting of the following production process milestones:

1. Definition of course structure
a. Define the chapters and subchapter structure of the course syllabus

2. Creation of classroom training content
a. Create slides for the classroom training version using the slide master
b. (If applicable) Define the technical requirements of the lab exercises in the
excel sheet - exercises
c. (If applicable) Implement screencast script in the excel sheet
d. Define quizzes and learner interactions in the according sections in the
markdown document
e. Define up to 6 course assessment questions in the excel sheet - assessment

3. First quality control
a. Providing the content for review
b. Quality control of the content: Reviewer aligns appointment with you sharing
remarks in advance to discuss possible changes as a result of:
c. Spell and grammar checking
d. Verification of learning objectives regarding other courses
e. Declaration of learning path applicability
f. Verification of didactic consistency
g. Verification of correctness
h. Verification of course assessment question correctness and difficulty
i. (If applicable) Implementation of changes as a result of the review

4. Creation of additional eLearning training content
a. (If applicable) Create screencasts for the course
b. Implementation of the teleprompter script for the video production in excel
c. Reviewer verifies the teleprompter script and checks time constraints (if
applicable) in combination with screencasts

5. Final quality control
a. Providing all deliverables for review
b. Quality control of the content according to the acceptance criteria
c. (If applicable) Implementation of changes as a result of the review
Deliverables of the contractor:
• eLearn.JS compatible markdown file based on the provided template
representing the learning content
• Graphics and picture files referenced in the learning
• Excel file according to the template containing all audio and video voice
transcripts and (when part of the training) descriptions of lab exercises.
• Slides created by applying the provided template

Acceptance criteria’s:
• Verifiable and formally correct content
• Content language English of quality BEC Vantage level two or higher
• Learner engagement:
- At least 1/4 of the course should consist of learner interaction by exercises,
quizzes, or gamification.
- The first user interaction should take place latest within the first 20 minutes
of the course.
- Quizzes and gamification should challenge the understanding of knowledge
already provided in the course.
- Exercises can challenge required skill and knowledge to succeed.

• Audio visual content
- Audio visual content like video, or screencasts should take at least 10
minutes but maximum up to 25 minutes of the overall course time.
- The individual media should not be shorter then 20 seconds but not longer
than 7 minutes.
- Explanation of graphics in the video content should be part of the video.
- Videos have to be provided in HD resolution of 1920x1080 or higher as mp4
- Audio files have to be provided with a 160 bitrate or higher as AAC or mp3

• Graphics
- Graphics outside of videos should always have a textual explanation
introduced before the graphic and completed after.
- Text in graphics should be at least of size 12pt
- Images in png, or jp(e)g format have to be provided in addition as svg or in
draw.io (https://draw.io/) XML format

• Text
- A text area should not consist of more than 600 words.
- References to external resources should include a remark (requires login) if
the resource requires authentication.
- All voice recordings in audio and video files have to be provided as a
transcript in form of the provided excel template

• Learning content sections
- A section should at least consist of two or more different media types. For
example, video and text, text and graphic, …

• Licenses
- The content has to be free of any third-party licenses that prohibit
commercial use and modification
- The content must not violate the copywrites of any third-party.

Place of execution:

Period of service provision:
6 months

Remuneration Model:
For authors: Fixed amount for the e-learning course creation + additional payment of 15% (following pro-rata remuneration) per e-learning course
For trainers: Fixed amount for the course creation + amount per participant for the implementation of the course

We look forward to excelling cybersecurity know-how across the globe with you.

Erforderliche Qualifikationen

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • CISM (Certified Information Security Manager)
  • Cyber Security
  • Cyber Security Practitioner (CSP)
  • SAP Sicherheit (allg.)

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